martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Red Moon

I can see the red moon in the top of the sky
In that night, when the light in the water
Looks like the blood of the sea,
A new hope for an eternal creature
A new wish for an old and tired vampire
Who emerges from the deepest oceans
Just to see the light, just to keep it within
The one who wants to die
But must live, until the end of the time
And maybe within a dream.

I would like to sleep this red night
And dream with the end of the world
And, when I awake, see you by my side
Holding me so hard that I could feel your heart
Then, weak, I’ll die in your arms
Tired of the war, tired of this life
Pleased because I could see that light in your eyes
Just one more time, then the eternal darkness
And you until the end of time

After this holy night I’ll see my world in your eyes
I pray to you, my goddess, I’ll claim your name
In the woods, between the trees, in the clean water
Of a cold lake, where your image will burn my loneliness
Your red light, my eternal moon, inflames my soul
And let me vanish until the end of the world.

You have broken the darkness in my soul
Life and death have gone with you
That’s just me; I’m at your service
Inflame me with the fire of the (sad) forgotten ghost
You were here before the storm,
Despite I couldn’t see you, I felt you
Now you are the rain, voice of the wind
Oh, sweet child, as trees in the forest
I will listen to you ever after.

3 comentarios:

  1. Sí, la tiene. Aunque fue escrita algún tiempo atrás. Estaba destinada a ser una canción, pero yo no soy músico, y mi músico me quedó a deber la música.

  2. Es muy lindo... aunque lindo no es la palabra. Me gusta tu pasión, a dondequiera que esté dirigida.


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