domingo, 20 de junio de 2010

A Light that goes out

I still remember when I told her for very first time "take me out tonight, where there is music and there is people and they're young and alive" by messenger. My heart was broken, my soul almost dead, there were tears in my eyes when I wrote "to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die". That Morrissey's song change my life forever after. While I was telling her "I love this song" I was trying to make her understand the lyrics of the song were just what I wanted to tell her... but I think she didn't understand, or did she?

A Light that never goes out, but always goes away...

Sometimes I felt blue because of her. I really love her, but she has showed me that love is pain. I can't believe people can break a good friendship just because... I can't believe she values me in so little. Recently I understood I was not for her what she is for me and I didn't care because I thought at least we were friends, close friends... Sometimes I told her she was my child... I think that's it. Like a father.

Today I'm feeling blue, tomorrow I'll be black again... It's really sad I have lost her for nothing. Anyway, I know I'll always miss her. Another Light goes out in my life... And my heart is little by little a little more dark.

4 comentarios:

  1. de verdad crees que ya se acabó? no me gusta que estés así, creo q saldré a repartir unos puñetazos

  2. Ma chère Vendetta... ¿Qué haría yo sin ti? No sé si se acabó o no... pero es triste. Ni modo, la vida sigue. Y yo no me puedo detener.

  3. No creo que la cosa sea tan grave... tal vez sólo es un capricho de niña, aunque sí es triste que la causa sea tan insignificante. Sabes que estoy contigo latoso, no sufras.

  4. Siento que me perdí de algo que todos los demás saben.

    En fin,la vida esta llena de encuentros y desencuentros, así que no te desanimes :)


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